Anonymous Choir North America Escape to/from the Dezert

As I write this I have déjà vü.
It could be because im listening to an advance copy of my sister Reba Hasko's Album. Delicate Cyclone.
Or because I have been patiently waiting to have 10 days with my favorite tribe from Minneapolis.
It's both.
All the women mentioned above are very dear to us and although I'm proud of every good intended human everyday, I'm especially proud of the cool women we know. They are on another level. Cosmic. Angels. Spirits doing good work waiting for the shift.

February 22. Sister. Albuquerque *^
February 23. Padre's Marfa, Tx.*
February 24. Annie St Arts Collective
Austin, Tx*
February 25. Allways Lounge NOLA*$
February 27. Courthouse Memphis*

More tba/c

* w/ Derek Winston Maxwell
^ w/ Reighnbeau
$ w/ Marshall LaCount.

Looking four word to this... A T P T V O T R